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About Innobatics

The name Innobatics was born by the words Innovation and Acrobatics. Life and business both have their risks. Innobatics, through the development of their electronic systems and applications, supports individuals, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations balancing their goals, decisions and actions at a convenient point between risk and innovation. Just like an acrobat balancing carefully on the rope.

Innobatics, with the use of state of the art technologies, organises existing knowledge and builds tools which transform the corporate and personal development.

The services we offer
Our values define
who we are, what we do
and why we do it

We respect your idea and we will never discuss it with a third party without your consent. Of course, we can always sign a non-disclosure agreement. Nevertheless, we feel that this is only a typical protocol. It is in no way stronger than our deep philosophy of mutual trust.

We are open to any way of communication that best suits you. Formalities are not our cup of tea. We can meet anywhere. In our offices or yours, through video-calling, over the phone or at a quiet local coffee shop. We can even take a walk in the park or by the sea. All that matters is being able to discuss with pleasure and comfort.

We do not believe in good or bad ideas. Many great ideas have started from pretty bad ones! Creative thinking can squeeze an idea and extract the best it can give. Our brain-storming sessions come in a relaxed, informal style that enables lateral thinking. There is no criticizing or rewarding. No judgement. Just opening up possibilities and breaking down incorrect assumptions. Analysis and evaluation are postponed to the end of our session.

We believe in meaning. Meaning is behind all kinds of success. It is the driving force, the catalyst of all our thoughts and actions. It provides a sense of purpose. Very often, although meaning is there, it is quite hard to see it. The coaching process ensures that it becomes crystal clear.

See the invisible, do the impossible!

  • unlock your unlimited creativity
  • remove brain fog and bring clarity
  • gain control in challenging situations
  • stir your imagination
  • discover your unexplored potential
  • reveal the deeper meaning of your work
  • develop a long-term vision

Transform your overall way of thinking and watch yourself grow to its next version!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is characterised by a deep culture of innovation. We transfer knowledge and best practices among different knowledge areas. We use creatively new technologies in non-technological sectors. We like to connect the dots and if needed we will also move them.

The information system which we will propose will be adopted in the particularities and special needs of your company.

Use our apps and get into the philosophy of self-coaching

We reward all pilot users of our applications with their own free personal account, as an indication of our appreciation for the valuable feedback they provide to us.


Μιχαήλ Φιλιππίδης
"My cooperation with Innobatics in an innovation competition helped me receive the first prize among 30 other business ideas. The business growth Information System they have developed, although still in a pilot stage, really helped me organise my company and my next moves."
Michael Filippides
Θάνος Γεωργίου
"Excellent co-operation and communication, step by step method for evaluation, study, development, planning and goal setting in every area!"
Athanasios Georgiou
Personal Development Enthusiast
"I spend a considerable amount of time for my personal development, in parallel to my first steps in the corporate world, perceiving a constant improvement at all levels. Innobatics and their personal development applications have been a real catalyst in my efforts."
Spiros Zermalias

Our database

is based in an open-knowledge philosophy

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