Bridging the gap between Technology and People


Innobatics is a start up with a strong Research and Innovation profile, focusing on Knowledge Intensive systems and services. It is active in the design of information systems and applications in the area of personal and corporate development. It aspires to bridge the gap between new technologies and human sciences, studying and designing innovative applications which support the asynchronous, lifelong growth of organizations and their human capital.

It adopts a holistic approach in corporate development based on two main pillars: A. the Digital Transformation with IT technologies and respective organisational process adaptation and B. the concurrent Shift in Mindset and development of new critical skills of the human capital. This approach is critical as DT that focuses solely on A without addressing B does not work smoothly.

Applications in progress

The applications below are currently at the stage of Research and Development:

  • Time management application
  • The Awareness Radar
  • The Conscious Growth platform
  • Critical Skills Acquisition game

Partner search

We are always looking for suitable partners for the development and exploitation of the applications mentioned above. We welcome know-how in the following areas:

  • Mobile development (iOS/android)
  • Human – Computer Interaction
  • Gamification
  • Development of complex information systems
  • Data analytics
  • Graphic visualization