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Coaching: Frequently Asked Questions and Short Answers

What does a coaching session look like? In essence, a personal coaching session is a systematic discussion between two people: the Coach and the Client. Coaches support their clients to think in an open, innovative and inspiring way. As a result, they will find better solutions to the problems they face. More importantly, they create…

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How often do you experience Flow?

The state of Flow We have all been involved in activities where we have intense concentration and total commitment. During these activities we feel that we are very competent. We have complete control of the situation. Our skills operate to the fullest. The sense of time, as well as any negative emotions disappear. We are…

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Set your goals SMARTER!

SMART goals: are you setting Goals or just exercising your wishful thinking? Sometimes we believe we have placed goals in our life, while if they are not SMART, we are only doing some wishful thinking. The SMART goal setting methodology can help ensure that our goals are actually… goals! It states that every goal, should…

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