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The 10 Saboteurs of our mind

Discover the saboteurs of your mind Our mind can play take the role of our strongest ally but also our worst saboteur. It can push us forward or it can pull us back. Saboteurs come disguised as friends, each telling us a lie. As long as we do not discover them they act uncontrollably and…

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The Happiness Cocktail

Is there a recipe that determines how happy we will be? Why some people seem to be happy while others aren’t? What is exactly that makes us happy? Is it money, beauty, health, education or genes? Unquestionably all of these play a role. Do we have a saying in our personal happiness? Sonja Lyubomirsky’s research…

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What is your Response Style?

Response Style in Communication Our response style plays an important role in our communication with people. Builds or destroys our relations in work, family or friendships. Finding our own, gives us the necessary awareness in order to change it, if we need to. It also helps us understand other people responses to us. There are…

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