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Reclaim your attention control!

The attention ultra-weapon  Our attention control skill is fairly underrated. Practically, it shapes to a significant extent – positively or negatively – our reality. Although we can consciously direct our attention wherever we want, it will often decide as a naughty kid to go wherever it feels like. Being able to control our attention is a “superhuman”…

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Is your type of attention deep or wide?

Deep or wide type of attention? All people could be split in two different categories: those who agree that people could be split in two categories and those who don’t Just kidding, we are only checking to see if we have your attention. Here we go again: All people could be split in two different…

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The Happiness Cocktail

Is there a recipe that determines how happy we can be? Why some people seem to be happier than others? What are exactly the ingredients of happiness? Is it money, beauty, health, education or genes? Unquestionably, all of these play a role. Do we have a saying in our personal happiness? Sonja Lyubomirsky’s research in…

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